forget your birth control


A Step Ahead Foundation came to us with two missions: to educate women about the most effective form of birth control, and to help them access it for free.

Contrary to popular belief: “it” is not the pill. The Implant and the IUD are long-term birth control that are 20 times more effective than the pill. They last for years, they’re low maintenance with few side effects, and they're reversible at any time. Unfortunately, many women don’t know about the Implant and IUD. For those who do, their financial or family circumstances may prevent them from using these methods. ASAFC wanted to change that, so they asked to help raise awareness.

We certainly aren’t the first to run a birth control campaign, but we had to navigate some unique sensitivities. Chattanooga is a Southern city planted squarely in the Bible Belt—which means for some audiences, birth control is still taboo. What’s more, our target demographic is constantly bombarded with PSAs that feel overly polished, inauthentic, or even somber.

So we wanted our message to be engaging and even uplifting: for many, pregnancy is simply not an option, so birth control that is effective, low-maintenance and cost-free is more than a relief—it can be a freedom. 

We pulled together a team of designers and media buyers, then developed campaign concepts based on existing research from SMART Design and feedback from “un-focus” group sessions with women of all ages and backgrounds.

Once finished with the design, we were able to watch change happen. Even in the heat of election season and thousands of holiday ads, we were still able to increase traffic to the ASAFC website by 20% and double the amount of calls. We generated new interest by using flyers and images with numbers rivaling information from schools and doctors. All proof that engaging marketing can rise above the sociopolitical climate, and still reach the desired audience.

“I have to admit, I didn’t really understand your process. I also admit that I wanted to, but you didn’t really explain it. But now that I see the creative, I don’t care what your process is. The work is just that good. You could tell me: ‘We just sat down with martini olives for an hour and stared into space,’ and I would think, ‘Huh, martini olives! Who knew?’”

Executive Director


client : : A Step Ahead Foundation

services : : Voice, messaging, advertising campaign, guerilla marketing

collaborators : : Graphic design by Mandy Lamb Meredith; ad strategy by Liz Weidenaar