In the world’s largest democracy, 250 million Dalit people are denied freedom, justice, and human dignity, because they are considered worthy only to be enslaved, broken, crushed. “Untouchable.”

But after 3,000 years of oppression, they are standing up for the rights of their children. Building schools that are open to all children, bring healthcare to all communities, develop economic opportunities, and advocate for safety.

A group of Dalit activists in India asked for help bringing their need, and new hope, to the world’s attention. Because rescue is real. So we put together a team of international development researchers, writers, designers, and web developers to help shine a light on remarkable people changing their own lives, then talk about ways that we can come alongside, and support, Dalit leadership back home.


Client : : Dalit Freedom Network

Services : : Identity update, engagement, research, 18 month communications strategy, assembling team of researchers, designers, web developers

Collaborators : : Graphic design by Widgets & Stone, Research by Emily Talley, Web design and build by Whiteboard

Homepage photo : : createemerge.com