unbranding the arts



After a string of unsuccessful attempts to “brand the arts” in one small, postindustrial city of the American South, we were asked to help. But while understand the impulse to brand culture as an engine of attraction/ retention, we also know that most changemakers aren’t joiners. So, too often, a “brand” ends up imposing a thumbprint where it doesn’t fit. 

We recommended a different approach: an editorial platform, deliberately under-branded, that tells long-form stories about mature artists and culture makers who choose to live in Chattanooga. Interviews and images, told with a strong point of view. And then make all of the content open-license, so any editor, writer, or social mediateer can take and use it free of charge. 

So, over time, a sense of place will emerge. 


client : : The Lyndhurst Foundation

services : : Brand positioning, concepting, content, writing

collaborators : : Articles collaboratively written with Keely Stockett. Design by Bantam and Casey Yoshida.