the end of storytelling?



When a former member of the US National Cycling team launched a new line of high-end apparel for avid riders and commuters, he turned to an outdoor brand writer for help. Then to an agency out of London. Then he called us. 

The brand voice and messaging that he had been given was not great. Like too much brand work today, it was obsessed with “storytelling.” It talked about the company’s passions and hopes and mission, without working to make customers want to read and relate.

We rewrote the messaging so it’s not about Escadrille’s story, but the stories of people who will buy, and wear, and benefit from, and love the products. And then we crafted messaging of shared love, for a launch catalog, website, retailer program, and broad marketing—and even a short lifestyle video to attract retail partners.

"Yes! So much better. Your voice is perfect…. Thanks for all of your help! I love what you’ve created.”

Founder and CEO


Client : : Escadrille Cycling

Services : : Tagline, articulation, voice, messaging, video

Collaboration : : Graphic design by Widgets & Stone, Video by Silvey Huffaker