We help financial services firms thrive.

While we are lucky to work with some of the most innovative brands in the world, we never forget
that both of our lead creatives started out as Marketing Directors in professional services firms. 

From our work with investment capital groups, venture capitalists, and accountants, we know that
these companies can be incredibly innovative, and as hard working as any New York agency.
We love helping these firms—and especially challenger brands—grow and prosper.



An investment capital group that serves business owners who are thinking about selling their company, or growing through refinancing and acquisition. Whether a business owner wants to take chips off the table, or take his or her company to a new level, FourBridges brings global networks and industry expertise to get their clients the best value, on the best terms. 

Site: fourbridgescapital.com
Services: Brand strategy, messaging, copywriting, creative direction
Collaborator: Web development by The Veggie Burger, Brooklyn and Marcologic, San Diego



A woman-owned accounting firm, focused on small and mid-sized businesses in a post-industrial town of the new South. Value add by an accounting firm comes in many forms. A small team focused on bringing the benefits of accounting to a business' needs. Seamless transition from taxes to bookkeeping, business valuation to back office support. This is fresh thinking about financials.  

Brand rollout: Discovery presentation and brand direction deck
Services: Brand strategy, messaging, copywriting, creative direction
Collaborator: Graphic design by Widgets & Stone 



Spartan is a venture capital seedbed, a real estate holdings company, and a freestanding UI lab. When corporations aren’t sure of what they want to invest in digital development, Spartan is the perfect outsource resource—running agile sprints to research, test, prove, and even build models and working prototypes. 

The result is that they have their hands in a tremendous number of projects at any given time, all running fast and hard, all demonstrating and proving strategy and implementation at the same time. We helped them understand, articulate, and explain what they do to potential clients, a 4-month process that crystallized in three simple words designed to spark conversations: We Make Possible.

Website: Spartan
Services: Defining core values, articulating brand voice, creating rules of writing, and finding words that give both credibility and differentiation, in a crowded market.
Collaborators: Armchair Media, Atlanta



Started as the accounting arm for a dynamo of a startup, Market Street Partners blew up after the company's founders kept growing and starting new businesses. Now an independent, director-owned accounting firm, MSP specializes in businesses and families find the smart way to protect what's important, and prepare for the future.

Site: Market Street Partners
Services: Defining core values, articulating brand voice, messaging.
Collaborators: Design by Rich Abercrombie; development by in-house team at Market Street Partners.

DMC_made simple 4.jpg


DeMoss is a wealth management fund and family office founded by an advisor who needed to position himself as experienced and capable, despite his relatively young age. With a strategy of recruiting both clients and advisors from more established companies, we helped him bring inventive thinking, messaging, and marketing to wealthy families, across generations. DeMoss’ branding helped position DeMoss Capital for a 2015 acquisition by Keel Point, an East coast boutique investment firm.

Link: Acquisition announcement on BusinessWire
Services: Positioning strategy, taglines, messaging, brand voice.
Collaborators: Design by Widgets & Stone.