Commercial Brand Development
from PD to PR



Commercial brand strategy from product development to public relations , from styling to sustainability, to ads to collabs. All the way down to the floor.

America’s largest privately held flooring manufacturerasked us to develop a media strategy to tell the world about a revolutionary recycling program. We replied that while we love good media strategy, we see it as a subset of brand communications.

In the years since, we have helped Mannington Commercial integrate communication design into product development, public relations, design competitions, marketing materials, app launches, environmental design, sustainability initiatives, and even a pay-what-you-can program for K-12 public schools.

By bringing graphic designers, product designers, and interactive developers to the table, we have been able to shape an integrated approach to PR, marketing, and product design. We even helped develop brand merger strategy when Mannington acquired companies in California and the UK.

All with a view to helping a great company connect with customers, and grow sales.

We helped create a design blitz, where architects and interior designers conceived of a new product collection in 24 hours (in competition against other cities).  And a social good program—allowing public schools to pay what they can afford for inventoried flooring. We even helped document a design inspiration trip to Portland and create neon signs for a showroom in Atlanta.

One of our favorite projects of 2016 was working with PJ DeVilliers, a Norwegian line drawing artist who has worked with Mercedes Benz, Burton Snowboards, Volkswagen and other brands. We'd been mutual admirers of each other's work and looking to collaborate. Mannington gave us the budget for PJ to create an original work of art inspired by a new product launch—and we letterpressed it as an invitation to a designers' event, celebrating the 18 collaborators behind the new collection.


Client : : Mannington Commercial

Services : : Naming products, voice articulation, merger & acquisition branding, client engagements, identifying and recruiting design and web agencies and product designers

Collaborators : : Graphic design by Mandy Lamb Meredith, Widgets & Stone; Web design and build by Tubatomic, Iron Horse; letterpress art by PJ DeVilliers of Oslo, Norway, printed by The Open Press