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For their first year in existence, Radius created a visual direction and brand guidelines that were designed to make the company appear mysterious, elitist, and executive-oriented. When they realized that the identity didn’t suit or attract the bulk of who their customers actually are, and could be, they wanted a more friendly and approachable identity. 

They asked us to work with their in-house design team and sales executives to

  • Find an internal voice for our brand (something that the product-design team can push and the company can get behind)
  • Help to create high level vision statements that reflect who we are, what we do, and why it's important
  • Shape general copy writing/edit of some of the marketing messages
  • Flesh out some general guidelines to follow for writing as the company grows (basically developing assets and guidelines)

client : : Radius

services : : Strategy, positioning, and articulation with in-house marketing team

collaborator : : Radius in-house team