Known for a long history of development projects, River City Company wanted to shift into the role of downtown Chattanooga’s thought leader/ biggest cheerleader. We recommended starting with a 300–foot love letter — painting “downtownup” on the side of a new cinema. The idea? To start conversations that were open–ended, with interpretations that were widely varying, but always optimistic.

Then we created a hit list of urban prototypes — Center Park, BoomTown (AIA Tennessee), Pop Up Retail, and a brand voice championed by local businesses — all of which River City, their partners, and the designers at Widgets & Stone developed. As a capstone, we named “The Block,” a colossal square of retail and facade–climbing that is the new centerpiece of downtown.

"You are truly amazing. I love collaborating with you. It's exactly what I was trying to say. Like my voice, but so much better."

River City Company