the gospel of lifestyle



The in-house creative team behind HGTV and Food Network asked for help getting inspired. So we pitched in.

We helped Scripps Networks—the parent brand that owns HGTV, Food Network, DIY, Fine Living, Cooking Channel, Great American Country, Shopzilla and BizRate—come up with a brand look and feel. 

The team’s domain is off-air design, particularly for interactive and for inspiring investors, but they help inspire on-air design as well.

Working along with the deep bench of talent at Widgets & Stone, we helped generate concepts and show how these concepts could be applied. Using the personalities and personal feel of the TV brands to drive the overall corporate visuals, we worked to create a portal into Scripps that bridges the gap between professional/ polished and intimate.


"Usually when I hire for a project, design starts as number one. But the design itself is not all I’m looking for. I need individuals who can quickly grasp the scope of the assignment. [This team's] internal structure promotes a maturation of creative ideas and allows the project to come to fruition. Their critical thinking provides the kind of filters for effective decision-making that they leverage into big impact for our brand.”

Creative Director
Scripps Networks


Client : : Scripps Networks

Services : : Unstucking, Naming, Brand Communications Strategy, Writing, and Creative Direction.

Collaborator : : Creative direction by Widgets & Stone