supernova, inc.



Spartan is a holocracy, a venture capital seedbed, a real estate holdings company, and a freestanding UI lab. When corporations aren’t sure of what they want to invest in digital development, Spartan is the outsource resource—running agile sprints to research, test, prove, and even build models and working prototypes. 

The result is that they have their hands in a tremendous number of projects at any given time, all running fast and hard, all demonstrating and proving strategy and implementation at the same time. 

We helped them understand, articulate, and explain what they do to potential clients, a 4-month process that crystallized in three simple words designed to spark conversations: We Make Possible.

In the end, Spartan felt that the articulation was so on point that they realized that the very name of their company was off brand, and asked if we could help them rename.


client : : Spartan Ventures (new name TBD)

services : : Voice, brand articulation, messaging 

collaborators : : Graphic design by Spartan in-house team