whiskey to the people



When the Tennessee Stillhouse set out to overturn 100 years of prohibition, they wanted all the public support that they could get. They needed a slogan, a central focus, a rallying cry.

100 years ago, this city was the second largest whiskey distribution hub in America. But since Prohibition, it has been illegal to manufacture whiskey throughout the county. Chattanooga Whiskey Company set out to change that—through a very public, very populist battle waged for the right to distill in their hometown.

After successfully rewriting local laws, they needed a major shift in messaging. After all, their company started with an idea, rather than with a market gap analysis, innovation incubation, or artisan itch. How could they talk about the product, the story, and the company in ways that help grow the company to a mature brand, while keeping the spirit of the spirit? 

We started off with rough concepting of what they wanted to communicate—then distilled the core ideas into a messaging structure that their in-house marketing team could implement, interpret, and build upon. Rules are good. Change them.

"Do you realize how badass ‘Whiskey to the People’ is?"

Tennessee Stillhouse


client : : Tennessee Stillhouse

services : : Positioning, voice, brand articulation, messaging, copywriting

collaborators : : Graphic design by Tennessee Stillhouse in-house design team, with Widgets & Stone